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Will Titans Of Eden launch as a physical or digital game?

Titans Of Eden will launch as a physical card game on Kickstarter in 2021. The online demo is there to give you an idea of how the game works, so you don't have to buy it 'blind.' (If this game really takes off, there's a good chance we'll expand the online client to work with all cards and in multiplayer modes.)

How far along in development is Titans Of Eden?


We have completed and thoroughly playtested all the cards in the first set and approximately 75% of the cards in the second set. We thought it was important to have the second set completed before we launched, so that we could be sure that the first and second sets are well balanced against each other.

We're really glad we took this approach: We've had to reword several cards in the first set to make them work with future cards. (We get really annoyed when game companies have to put out special rules and clarifications to make old cards work with new cards, so we wanted to make sure we didn't do that to you.)

This project has, so far, operated on a shoestring budget: We only have the art completed for approximately one-quarter of the cards. Art is a huge expense, especially when including the quality of art shown on this website. Approximately one-third to one-half of our KickStarter funding goal is going to go towards commissioning the kind of art that really brings this game to life.

Why do you use Ability Priorities instead of a stack?


Many popular games -- like Magic & Skytear -- use stacks to determine which order abilities activate. (If you're not familiar: Basically, the most-recently played card activates first.) Stacks work great in game where players take turns playing cards.

In Titans Of Eden, all players play cards simultaneously, which doesn't lend itself well to a stack-based system. So, instead of a stack, we use Ability Priorities, which cause abilities to activate in a predefined order. This is easy to follow because we group similar abilities together: All 31 "Now" abilities fit into 9 priority categories.

In the first expansion to this game, we will be introducing some new abilities that allow players to pay an extra cost now to skip the priority order later, allowing them to  instantly respond to their opponent's moves. This mechanic has been thoroughly playtested and is well balanced with the first set. (There's a good chance we'll give out a few of these cards to our KickStarter backers, as a thank you for helping us launch this project.) 

Why KickStarter?


Our main reason for going with KickStarter is the people: KickStarter has an awesome community of gaming enthusiasts who are willing to help first-time game designers bring their visions to life. This community has literally democratized gaming creation, and we'd like to give back them however we can.

Our second reason is quality: We want to make sure that we deliver the best gaming experience possible without cutting any corners. It would be really easy for a big gaming company to take our game and then buy cheaper art, dumb-down the mechanics, and release an initial set only containing half of the cards. By not giving up on our vision, and by refusing to compromise and cut corners, we believe that we can deliver a one-of-a-kind deck-building experience.

When will Titans Of Eden launch?

That's up to you! We will launch as soon as we get enough people interested in our game. The best way to let us know that you're interested is by signing up for our email list. (We promise we won't harass you with tons of emails: We pretty much plan on just letting you know when we're going to launch.)

We are still working out the final pricing, but we believe we'll need somewhere around 1,000 backers to successfully launch this game. If you want to see us launch faster, you can help us by sharing this website on your social media.

We promise we will always be open, transparent, and honest with you in all of our communications. We value your support, and thank you for your consideration.