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We're going to keep this simple: We respect your privacy. We will never sell or give away any of your information (including your email address), and we will only use it for the intended purpose: To keep you updated about Titans Of Eden. If you ever want out, just let us know, and we'll permanently delete your email address from our records. 

From now until 1 month before our Kickstarter launches, we will only send you one email per month. From 1 month before our Kickstarter launches until the Kickstarter concludes, we may send out a few additional emails. Afterwards, we will resume only sending out one email per month. You can unsubscribe from our email list at any time by contacting us directly, or by clicking the `Unsubscribe` button on the bottom of any of the emails we send out.

We use Wix Ascend, Facebook Pixel, and Microsoft Universal Event Tracking (UET) to gauge the effectiveness of our ads. Basically, when you visit our website, these apps loads a small script onto your computer that lets us know you visited our site. These apps may also track how long you spent on our site, which pages you visited, and whether you joined our email list. These apps may additionally provide us with demographic and other information (e.g. your age, location, sex), which we can then use to better target our future ads. (These apps will only ever provide anonymous data about you: We won't be able to track you down.) If these apps make you uncomfortable, you can disable them by turning off cookies in your browser (or by having your browser ask you before downloading any cookies).

We plan to update this policy periodically, as needed. Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns.

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Privacy Policy

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Source code for the online demo is available on GitHub: Code & Assets. Game design, graphic design, rulebook design, app (online demo) design, 2D/3D animation, video editing, & website design by Mike Powell. Character art by CristianAC, Sara ContrerasInklev, Draco Herrera, José MuñozMr-Ripley, and 4steex. Promo video music by KomikuAirWolf89, Jedo, and Kris Klavenes, used under the CC0 1.0 and CC BY 3.0 licenses. No changes were made to the music tracks, outside of cutting them to the appropriate length and changing their volumes for fade-in and fade-out effects.